Saturday, June 9, 2012


     Wow! I have not been on here for over a year! Well, freshmen year of high school was great, and even easier than I thought it would be. That Giver project was the summer before 8th grage, now I am reading Their Eyes Were Watching God and History of the World Though Six Glasses as I go into my  10th grade year. I'm still in the orchestra, even on stage at church, and I hope to join choir. I can't wait to see everyone this summer, and I'm looking forward to camping!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Done!

Today I finished the Giver project with a sput of energy, doing around ten. I really enjoyed reading this story, though I thought it was a little sad. I found 33 passages and had 11 pages, using the front side only. I wanted an average of three per page. For the project, besides reading the book, we had to make a journal that had the passage from the book on the left and the literacy device and explanation of the usage on the right side. At least thirty were required.

We did go school shopping, a few hours after I wrote that blog, and now I have everything I need, even shoes. Only 'Mander chewed the crayon box lid so I had to use a baggie. The crayons weren't really damaged, and I had lots of extras anyway.

Locker move-in is on Saterday, along with open-house. I'll meet some teachers and bring my school supplies in to get set up. I can't wait for that and for school!

But we wait we are at home, mainly watching movies and frying our brains. :-) (We also have to do chores...) And we made home made German Soft Pretzels yesterday, and they are good! Plus the kneading was really fun.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My New Violin

This month I got a new violin. My parents bought it for me, and now I own it! We did a plan were we would rent an instrument and the money would pile up and eventually we could buy the rental. I didn't want my rental instrument since it had a few problems and we found out we could take the money already towards the rental to a new and better violin. Or I would end up with the old one. But that didn't happen!

The new violin it's self is a nice Eastman Strings Otto Benjamin. It has great sound and tone. And looks good too. the wood on the front is aged to give it a nicer sound as well. I like it a lot. It's much smoother than my old one and not as loud, or so I believe. Though I can make my playing louder. But that doesn't really matter.

The new violin came with a really nice case and bow. The bow is wood and it took a while to rosin with the nice new rosin. Terns out that you have to kind of scratch the surface to break the seal. The case is a deep reddish-pink, has a compartment big enough to fit all of my supplies, which I'm really happy about, and comes withe a hygrometer, witch measures the humidity. If it's above sixty it 's probably too humid and if it stays really high for long it could grow mold in the case. I think that is very unlikely to happen though. and if it gets below forty, it is too dry and the wood a the violin could crack. That is why we bought this dampit that you soak in water and put in your case to moisturize.

Anyway, I am so exited about finally having a step-up instrument that I own!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School is Almost Here!

Today my mother and I went to schedule pick-up. She sighned some papers and had to have my picture taken for my ID. It doesn't look too bad. And I think that this years agenda looks by far the most exiting.

I'm really exited since I am now on team 8-2. For all of middle school I've been on 6-1 and 7-1, and I have seen more of the teachers on 8-2 and I think they are really fun... so far. Plus my history and science enhanced classes are down there off or by the 8-2 hallway. Unfortunetly my best friend Shavonne is on 8-1, though we have at least two classes together. And a few of my friends that I talked to are going to be on 8-2.

It's also good to see what team I'm on for my school suplies list, mainly becaue there is a different list for 8=2 and a different list for 8-1, besides the common/main list. We still have to go shopping.

On the Giver project I have to do for school, I'm reading through and copying the entries for the finally copy. If I do at least four a day I be done a few days before school starts. Yes, I did procrastinate a little.

Besides the project, I'm really exited about this school year. (And maybe a little bit nervous.)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation, 3

We made it to Yosemite, and the weather was great. The first day we climbed to a bridge were you can see Vernal falls. Aunt Mary, Uncle Tom, my dad and I decided to hike to the top. We must have gone up one thousand steps to get up, not including all the walking. At least we took lots of quick breaks. Well we made it to the top and that was my major accomplishment. The trail was around three miles round trip and we went up really high. We also walked to Lower Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Falls, though none were as challenging or long. And we did those as a family.

At the camp were five families, Graunt Mary and Gruncle Tom, my Grandma and Grandpa Cox, Philip and Abby, Gruncle Kirk and Graunt Gretchen, and my family. (Graunt and Gruncle stands for Great__. We made it up on the trip, and it's shorter to use.) Each family had there own cabin.

Our group of Housekeeping cabins was also by the river, so we lots of chances to swim or play. I usually just washed my feet or iced my muscles, plus wading in as far as I wanted to. My family and my Grandparents also swam in the Lodge pool. It's big and you have to take a shower before you get in. That keeps the pool cleaner. One of my favorite things about the Lodge was that Grandpa bought us ice cream. I got chocolate. I also went on a blow up boat ride with Aunt Mary. It was okay, but I couldn't actually paddle that great since I didn't have any leverage. And the boat wasn't blown up all the way on the floor of the boat since the electric pump was broken. At least we didn't get hit by the child that was shooting water at us, it was cold!

One of my favorite times of day, or night, was around 9:00 to 10:00. That the time when our group gathered together around the fire or the table. One night we roasted marshmallows and made smores. we also told jokes. At the tables some nights we played cards. Games like Class Struggle, a favorite of mine. There was also a night were we waited and prepared food for the people returning from Half Dome. In our group there were four people who successfully made it, Gruncle Tom, Gruncle Kirk, Philip, and Abby.

Yosemite was beautiful and I just loved the wildlife that wandered or ran through the camp. There were Blue Jays, Ground Squirrels, and even a female mule deer that just walked across the street and through camp to some good eats! I think those squirrels are adorable!

My grandparents gave us some money to get into the Lodge and for suvineers. I bought a beautiful necklace with a copper cover leaf charm and a deck of Yosemite cards. My parents also bought us kids one hat each that said Yosemite.

Yosemite was fun, but we had to leave. We drove to Flagstaff for a family reunion and met with my two aunts and their families, plus my grandparents and us.

At Flagstaff I had a fun time. We visited the Grand Canyon, Slide Rock State Park (SRSP), went swimming in our hotels pool, watched some old tapes as the kids as children, ate good home dinners, relaxed sometimes, and more. In addition I also got to spend time with my family, and meet my little cousin Wyatt. He is also really cute.

At the Grand Canyon I saw some great sights of the canyon and walked for a while on Rim Trail, it's name says it all. We also ate lunch at a restraunt in the Lodge. It was also Grandma's birthday and Aunt Gretchen told the waiter so. The cake was passed around, and it was delicious! And I found a deck of Grand Canyon playing cards that Grandma helped pay for. Thanks again, Grandma!

SRSP was probably one of the funnest things during our time in Flagstaff. I got a few nicks and bruises, but it was worth it, especially once you got used to the water. There were lots of fun slides that didn't hurt too much to go down, except for one, and I tried most of the ones that we came to. After Slide Rock, we ate at Dairy Queen. I had chicken strips and split a banana split with my mother. And guess what! I found a deck of Sedona cards and realized we had some Zion cards at home. So now our family has four different sets of the same brand!

After a few days we left for home and to the doggies. The first night we stopped in Amarillo and stayed at the Fifth Seasons hotel. We stayed there once before too. My mom said it might have been a luxury hotel in the 70's since there was a central room with fake plants and a bar and grill. The inside of the rooms were probably old in style, but they we clean. Breakfast was not bad either; eggs, sausage, and toast.

That day we arrived back home! Finally. I was getting home sick.

The whole trip was great. For more info you can look at my parents' blogs, though I'm sure you already have. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation, 2

Last Sunday was really fun, we had a great breakfast at the church and there was a good service. We spent the day with them and while we were there we went to a fun park, watched Napoleon Dynamite, ate a really fun snack, talked and ate dinner at La Salsa. They have really good taquitos.

Monday we went to breakfast at California Grill , which was delicious, and then went to the park with my Grandpa Bill and Deb. They gave the kids Starbucks cards. I love Starbucks! Later that day we went with Grandma Cox to pick up some sheets an then to McDonald's for a treat. We also went to a friend of my Grandmas house to pick some oranges and tomatoes, which were amazing. That night we ate ice cream and peach and apple crumble that Abigail and Grandma made while watching a movie called Gifted Hands.

Tuesday was the big day. Disneyland. We got in for free because we did a special program called Give a Day, Get a Day. We volunteered at a blanket making thing and got free tickets. My family stayed from 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. One of my favorite rides was Thunder Mountain. The kids road that one four times. Another favorite was Matterhorn. I like this one because of the sharp turn and speed. We also went on Space Mountain, India Jones, which you really have to get a fast pass for to avoid lots of wait, Star Tours, some rides in Fantasyland like Peter Pan and the Tea Cups, Pirates of the Carabian, and more. We also ate at the Pizza Port, an ice cream place, and I had a pretzel from somewhere else around eleven. (My parents could say.) At the end of the day, my feet hut so badly. But it was worth it.

Wednesday was packed full. We had a wonderfull brunch with my Grammy and Poppa, went to Sees, packed, visited my Grandpa Bill and Deb, and finally we visited Great-Gran. The day was packed, but it was not too much. and it was fun and enjoyable. I got to shoot a bow and arrows on a really smooth bow that I liked alot. I was aso blessed by my Grammy and Pappa and Great Gran. Grammy gavve me some fun, special lipstick and Pappa and I, plus Abby and Sam, talked about lots of stuff. Great Gran let each of the great grandchildren pick an angel from her collection.

Thursday we woke up at four and left at 4:50. We drove until around 2:00 and I finally saw my little cousin Caleb. He is turning one today and looks so cute. Also, my aunt Jessie and uncle O.J. are here. My grandparents come the next day too, and am really excited to see them again.

Friday morning we walked around the neighborhood and to the pastry shop. I had half of a chocolate eclair and half of a chocolate cresant. I think that day we also went to Armstrong Woods and saw some huge redwood trees.

Saturday was Calebs party. My aunt Jessi and I helped decorate. That was acually really fun. We made little bloons with monsters from bird piecess on them and some more stuff. The party itself was enjoyable too. Abigail and I met some girls and talked for most of the party. Lunch was good and cake and icecream was even better. :) Calbs little "smash cake" was cute and it was even cuter watching him stick his fingers in it.

We had a family night while the Johnsons were at another party, and we watched Percy Jackson and the Olipians The Lightning Theif. We all liked the movie and I want to read the books.

I had a great time visiting at my aunt and uncle's house. We had more events, like trips to Screamin' Yougert. Mmmm. And now we are off to Yosemite!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation, 1

Thursday June 2 we left our house at 5:00 in the morning for Gallup, New Mexico. We went to breakfast at McDonald's and lunch at Subway. We also went to many gas stations for bathroom breaks, gas, and some snacks. In the car we listened to Raising Dragons, an audio book from the library, talked, slept, or did whatever. That night we arrived in Gallup around 7:30 New Mexico time. We finally found our hotel, a seedy place with a small pool. Everyone except my mother went swimming. The water was really cold, and the weather was overcast. After a ten o'clock meal at Wendy's, we crashed in the two-star motel.

The next day was pretty much the same only we ate lunch somewhere else and In-n-Out for early dinner. The place was packed, but the food was great. We reached my Grandma and Grandpa Coxes 'round four. Got to see my grandparents, ate a great dinner, and relaxed.

Sunday morning we went to Granada for church and saw some of our family, but before church my father took us on a tour of some of his history in Whittier after watching some of Glory of Zion webcast earlier in the morning. Keith talked about homelands and we were in our homeland. We saw some of the places he used to live and go to school, plus where some of his friends lived.

That afternoon, we went to a block party for a Fourth of July celebration at my great uncles' house. There was a blow up water slide that all the kids loved (I didn't get in, but it was fun to watch.), lots of food, and a roll of 4,000 firecrackers that we set off in the street! Later that night we had sparklers and lots of fun fireworks. (See my mom's blog for all the details.) Then we drove from there to Palmdale, where my other grandparents live.

We're back at my Grandma Coxes now but we had a GREAT 4-1/2 days with the DeHart grandparents. Here's some of what we did there: we played croquet in the yard, played cards, went to the Dollar Tree and spent some money, we went to the tidepools with my aunt Jesse (we didn't see too much because of a high storm tide), and we went to a park which had a fun play place. To get to the park we drove on a song road... a road with bumps that, when you drive over them, it makes notes that you can hear in your car. We also had a get together on Tuesday night with some of our old friends from church. It was fun to see everybody. So, all together it was a very fun experience.

Last night my aunt Gretchen and her son Anders came over for dinner while my dad and Grandpa went to a special steak fry. We also went to a frozen yogurt place called Golden Spoon; I had chocolate malt and cake batter yogurt with three toppings. We sat by a nice fountain till we went home. Everyone was saying to bring a jacket though I didn't want to. I brought it and it turns out I needed since the weather is pretty cool here at night, plus with the yogurt.

Today my dad took us to Seal Beach with cousin Anders. The weather was overcast so the water was colder, in the middle of July. I mainly went into the ocean and stood there or collected shells. That whole time my feet were sore from the broken shells and rough sand, even though it was fun. My dad tried out Abby's boogie board, but the waves weren't really good for it, so that only lasted a few minutes. Anders was scared of the water so he only stayed on the sand and I brought him a bucket of water to play with.

Changing out of our wet clothes with only a towel (held by my sister) covering me was tedious. To get sand off our bodies we used baby powder. An excellent solution for removing it gently.

Tonight we're probably going to go see Toy Story 3 with my Grandpa and I'm really excited. Tomorrow we're going to my aunt Gretchen and Uncle Chris's church and we're going to spend the day with them. They live in Calabassas, which is near Malibu.

I'll try to keep you updated on my vacation, as we go along and later I'll try to get some pictures!