Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School is Almost Here!

Today my mother and I went to schedule pick-up. She sighned some papers and had to have my picture taken for my ID. It doesn't look too bad. And I think that this years agenda looks by far the most exiting.

I'm really exited since I am now on team 8-2. For all of middle school I've been on 6-1 and 7-1, and I have seen more of the teachers on 8-2 and I think they are really fun... so far. Plus my history and science enhanced classes are down there off or by the 8-2 hallway. Unfortunetly my best friend Shavonne is on 8-1, though we have at least two classes together. And a few of my friends that I talked to are going to be on 8-2.

It's also good to see what team I'm on for my school suplies list, mainly becaue there is a different list for 8=2 and a different list for 8-1, besides the common/main list. We still have to go shopping.

On the Giver project I have to do for school, I'm reading through and copying the entries for the finally copy. If I do at least four a day I be done a few days before school starts. Yes, I did procrastinate a little.

Besides the project, I'm really exited about this school year. (And maybe a little bit nervous.)


  1. Hey, Madeline! It's Shavonne! Love the post, keep it comin'! Say hi to Abby for me!

  2. Hi Madeline! I was wondering about how the details were working out for this school year. I'm glad you got 8-2, but sorry you won't be in the same group as Shavonne! Have fun shopping...
    Love you, kiddo,
    Grandma Cox

  3. Our 7th graders read The Giver. I would love to hear about your assignment. Our English teacher is new this year, so maybe I can share your ideas with him.