Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Done!

Today I finished the Giver project with a sput of energy, doing around ten. I really enjoyed reading this story, though I thought it was a little sad. I found 33 passages and had 11 pages, using the front side only. I wanted an average of three per page. For the project, besides reading the book, we had to make a journal that had the passage from the book on the left and the literacy device and explanation of the usage on the right side. At least thirty were required.

We did go school shopping, a few hours after I wrote that blog, and now I have everything I need, even shoes. Only 'Mander chewed the crayon box lid so I had to use a baggie. The crayons weren't really damaged, and I had lots of extras anyway.

Locker move-in is on Saterday, along with open-house. I'll meet some teachers and bring my school supplies in to get set up. I can't wait for that and for school!

But we wait we are at home, mainly watching movies and frying our brains. :-) (We also have to do chores...) And we made home made German Soft Pretzels yesterday, and they are good! Plus the kneading was really fun.

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  1. grandpa cox enjoyed your blog about going back to school. Grandpa is tired of school days (daze) and has no plans for going back to school ever! I use to worry about forgetting my locker location and combination. Have a great year. One day you too will be out of school and into the real world as older people like to call it. Love you and rest of the tribe. Grandpa Cox