Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation, 2

Last Sunday was really fun, we had a great breakfast at the church and there was a good service. We spent the day with them and while we were there we went to a fun park, watched Napoleon Dynamite, ate a really fun snack, talked and ate dinner at La Salsa. They have really good taquitos.

Monday we went to breakfast at California Grill , which was delicious, and then went to the park with my Grandpa Bill and Deb. They gave the kids Starbucks cards. I love Starbucks! Later that day we went with Grandma Cox to pick up some sheets an then to McDonald's for a treat. We also went to a friend of my Grandmas house to pick some oranges and tomatoes, which were amazing. That night we ate ice cream and peach and apple crumble that Abigail and Grandma made while watching a movie called Gifted Hands.

Tuesday was the big day. Disneyland. We got in for free because we did a special program called Give a Day, Get a Day. We volunteered at a blanket making thing and got free tickets. My family stayed from 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. One of my favorite rides was Thunder Mountain. The kids road that one four times. Another favorite was Matterhorn. I like this one because of the sharp turn and speed. We also went on Space Mountain, India Jones, which you really have to get a fast pass for to avoid lots of wait, Star Tours, some rides in Fantasyland like Peter Pan and the Tea Cups, Pirates of the Carabian, and more. We also ate at the Pizza Port, an ice cream place, and I had a pretzel from somewhere else around eleven. (My parents could say.) At the end of the day, my feet hut so badly. But it was worth it.

Wednesday was packed full. We had a wonderfull brunch with my Grammy and Poppa, went to Sees, packed, visited my Grandpa Bill and Deb, and finally we visited Great-Gran. The day was packed, but it was not too much. and it was fun and enjoyable. I got to shoot a bow and arrows on a really smooth bow that I liked alot. I was aso blessed by my Grammy and Pappa and Great Gran. Grammy gavve me some fun, special lipstick and Pappa and I, plus Abby and Sam, talked about lots of stuff. Great Gran let each of the great grandchildren pick an angel from her collection.

Thursday we woke up at four and left at 4:50. We drove until around 2:00 and I finally saw my little cousin Caleb. He is turning one today and looks so cute. Also, my aunt Jessie and uncle O.J. are here. My grandparents come the next day too, and am really excited to see them again.

Friday morning we walked around the neighborhood and to the pastry shop. I had half of a chocolate eclair and half of a chocolate cresant. I think that day we also went to Armstrong Woods and saw some huge redwood trees.

Saturday was Calebs party. My aunt Jessi and I helped decorate. That was acually really fun. We made little bloons with monsters from bird piecess on them and some more stuff. The party itself was enjoyable too. Abigail and I met some girls and talked for most of the party. Lunch was good and cake and icecream was even better. :) Calbs little "smash cake" was cute and it was even cuter watching him stick his fingers in it.

We had a family night while the Johnsons were at another party, and we watched Percy Jackson and the Olipians The Lightning Theif. We all liked the movie and I want to read the books.

I had a great time visiting at my aunt and uncle's house. We had more events, like trips to Screamin' Yougert. Mmmm. And now we are off to Yosemite!


  1. Madeline, you're doing a great job on your blog! I love reading about all the things you did... while you were away from us. It sure was great to spend so much time with you and your family this month!! Love you...
    Grandma Cox

  2. Thank you Grandma! I am doing my best. I thought if I finished "Vacation, 2" I'd leave it for a day or two while I try to write "Vacation,3".(So people will be able to read it.) There is just so much to say I can't even write it all. I'm about half way done and it will be published soon.
    Love you,

  3. Hi Madeline, I just found your blog. I love all your pictures! It is so good to write all this down before you forget the details. You write very well! It was so nice to see you all. Love you.