Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Days

Summer has pretty much been great so far.We had the Dollars arrive from Colorado and spend a few days with us. Every evening we went swimming in the neighborhood pool; that was one of the best parts. We played 500, Football throw, Sharks and Minnows, and Shark attack. The older kids plus Jessica played Risk twice, Justin got a world domination and Aaron basically won. (We all were sick of rolling the dice, and he was wiping us all out.) Justin and I also played a game of chess, also won by him. He was good, or at least better than I.

In the mornings there was usually a wonderful breakfast, one day, we had donuts and another, kolaches.

Sunday was fun, church was a little wilder than usual, and Ignited, my junior high group, gave out special Proverbs journals.

We also celebrated Sam's birthday that Monday with bowing, cake, and more.

They left on Tuesday, sadly.

A regular day is kind of boring. Wake up and get out of bed later, lounge, read, play computer, swim, watch movies, sometimes walk the dogs, the usual. But shopping for a duffel bag and sleeping bag was fun.

My family is going on a Zion kids camp for about thee days and then a day later going on a month trip in California, visiting Disneyland, the beach, Yosemite, family and friends. I can't wait.
But while I wait, I'm lounging, cleaning, playing, and sometimes doing my homework. I have a project to do for Enhanced English for eighth grade. It's not too bad, I have to read and annotate The Giver by Lois Lowery. Then I have to find at least thirty literacy devices and make a journal with them, identifying the term and how it's used. The book is pretty good, but a little sad too, since the people are structured and have lost all the pains and pleasures of life. I'm still working on it and have quite a bit to finish. Luckily I did it last year with a different book and know better how it works.

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